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JCP Ranked #2 Amongst Marketing Journals

The Journal for Consumer Psychology (JCP) was ranked #2 amongst marketing journals

Psychology of Design

This new book underscores how design plays a role in consumer desire for products and liking for commercial messages, even while the psychological processes involved are only partially understood. This edited book brings together organizing frameworks and reviews of the relevant literatures from contributing disciplines such as aesthetics, anthropology, brand strategy, creativity, design science, engineering, graphic design, industrial design, marketing, material science, product design, and several areas within psychology, along with recent empirical work.

Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World

SCP is proud to announce the latest addition to the SCP Book Series, Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World, edited by Claudiu Dimofte, Curtis Haugtvedt, and Richard Yalch published by Routledge in October 2015.

JCP Receives Top Rating

In latest 2015 Association of Business Schools (ABS) rankings, JCP is rated a 4*, the highest rating among the marketing journals along with Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science.

New Book

This new book provides a cutting edge look at how entertainment media affects its viewers, both in intended and unintended ways, and the psychological processes that underlie these effects.

Book Discount for Members

SCP Members save 30% on these SCP books published by M.E. Sharpe.

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The Financial Times Recognizes JCP

JCP has been added to the list of top research journals recognized by the Financial Times!

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A Tribute to Herbert E. Krugman

Herbert E. Krugman, the 6th President of APA Division 23 (1967), died at his home in Stamford, CT on July 30, 2016. He was 95.

Considered by many to be the leading theorist of his generation on the ways in which consumers respond to advertising, Herb combined physiological and cognitive psychology with survey methodology to create an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how consumers learn that was uniquely his own. He was a student of perception and the human brain; in three seminal articles, bookended by his AAPOR presidential address in 1965 and the Division 23 counterpart in 1967, he changed forever the way academics and the industry understood the nature of consumer response to television advertising. It was all about involvement: unlike consumers’ interactions with print media, their interactions with television occurred with much less cognitive involvement, so much so as to be an essentially different process. At AAPOR he said that consumers do not so much learn from television advertising as absorb it; at Division 23 he laid out a program for measuring the processes he had described.

Herb was 44 when he delivered his AAPOR address and 46 at Division 23. He continued to think and write about consumers’ responses to television for the next two decades, contributing significantly to the understanding of the physiological and cognitive processes underly-ing those responses. He was a key figure in creating the link between psychology and its applications in marketing and public relations, and for many years conducted studies that guided the marketing and public relations practices of some of America's largest corporations. He was both intellectually inquisitive and practical. He cared passionately about new ideas and often used his droll sense of humor to point out follies of conventional wisdom.

Ann Stouffer Bisconti
Edward P. Krugman
Richard Maisel



SCP is now soliciting nominations for the offices of President and Secretary-Treasurer. The office of SCP President is a three-year term (President-Elect, President, then Past-President), while the office of Secretary-Treasurer is a two-year term. Please submit all nominations or questions to President-Elect . Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations will be reviewed by the SCP Board and 2-3 candidates for each position will be chosen to run for election by the SCP membership in October. The deadline for nominations is Friday, September 30, 2016.



The Society for Consumer Psychology announces a Call for Nominations for an Early Career Award. The award recognizes distinguished scientific contribution to consumer psychology by a researcher who received her/his PhD after June 1, 2008. Nominees must also show evidence of current or past engagement with SCP and/or JCP.

The Society for Consumer Psychology also announces a Call for Nominations for the Society's Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award. The award recognizes outstanding and lasting research contributions to consumer psychology. Nominees must also show evidence of current or past engagement with SCP and/or JCP.

Please send a letter of nomination for either award, including the Candidate's curriculum vitae to , Chair, Scientific Affairs Committee by Aug 21, 2016. Nominations of previously nominated candidates who remain eligible for these awards need not include additional letters of reference; an updated vita is sufficient.

Past Recipients


SCP Conference 2016

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SCP Fellow Call for Nominations

The Society for Consumer Psychology is seeking nominations of qualified individuals for SCP Fellow status. Nominations are due May 1, 2016.

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Call for Papers: JCP Special Issue on Marketplace Morality

Morality has received increasing attention from economists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and consumer researchers. Consumers’ morally questionable behaviors (such as wardrobing and overclaiming on insurance) have big impacts on companies and consumers respond strongly to organizations’ morally suspect behaviors. On the other side, consumers’ and organizations’ moral behaviors can lead to positive marketplace effects. However, many questions about how consumers define morality and evaluate their own moral behaviors as well as those of other consumers and of marketers remain. This JCP special issue seeks to move beyond an explanation of self-interest to advance our understanding of morality in the marketplace.

Articles for this special issue should be submitted by November 30, 2016. Manuscripts should be submitted using the regular JCP online system, but specify that the submission is for this special issue.

Further Information and Submission Guidelines


Call for Papers: Society for Consumer Psychology
Boutique Conference on Identity and Consumption


This boutique conference will bring together researchers working on identity-related consumption to share their most exciting and recent research, to foster new research ideas and collaborations, and to help develop and strengthen research on identity-related consumption. This conference is also designed to help galvanize a shared research identity among researchers interested in identity and consumption.


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: July 21, 2016 (reception the evening of July 20, 2016)
Submission Deadline: January 20, 2016
Notification date: February 20, 2016
Submission website


In keeping with the nature of SCP’s boutique conference series, this event will have a limit of 60 attendees all of whom are engaged in research in the area of identity-related consumption.

Presenters are expected to register for the conference, and co-authors of presenters will be given an early registration opportunity. Subsequently, the conference will open up registration on a first-come first-serve basis until the attendance cap is reached.

The conference will begin with an evening reception followed the next day by a single-track of research presentations during the day and a second evening reception.

Sessions will include presentations of individual papers and a roundtable discussion. A poster session will also take place prior to the evening event.

Given the single-track nature of the proposed conference, in order to maintain quality, presentations will be restricted to those who have already obtained a doctoral degree. Conference attendance and a poster session will be open to doctoral students.


Paper submission: please submit a 250-500 word abstract through the submission website. In your submission, please indicate which author will present the paper and whether you are submitting for a paper presentation or poster. Note that presenters must have a completed doctoral degree at the time of submission and are expected to register for the conference. The registration fee is expected to be $200 and will include both evening receptions.

Poster submission: please submit an abstract of up to 250 words through the submission website. Please indicate that this is a poster submission.

Submission Deadline: January 20, 2016


, University of Illinois at Chicago

, Northwestern University

, Northwestern University

Joseph Nunes Featured on GMA
Park Young Contributor Award
Park Award for Best JCP Article

SCP Conference 2015

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